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POLYWRAP Mean Business!

SmartDataTM - Improving Your Results

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Buhrs 1000
Our New Buhr's 1000 Polywrap handles jobs from catalogs to annual reports to flyers.

Poly Products
Why hide your message and graphics? Use poly for instant impact!

POLYWRAP Means Business!
Response Technologies is pleased to introduce our new state-of-the-art, high-volume, Buhr's polywrap machine. Polywrap provides an important new inhouse capability. In the past, we had to refer high volume polywrap jobs toplants in the midwest. This often meant higher costs for you and your clients. Now, Response Technologies can handle your polywrap jobs in our office, saving you time and reducing your costs. Polywrap comes in clear, pre-printed or metallized plastic wrap. Polywrap provides important advantages for your direct mail pieces.

Polywrap Advantages
  • Polywrap provides your high-impact graphics, message and offer with instant visbility that is proven to increase attention and response rates.
  • Polywrap protects your piece fromthe rigors of the mail and postal process.
  • Colored, pre-printed or metallized poly enhances the appeal of your piece.
  • We can insert multiple pieces in the poly package. Recent USPS changes now permit ride-along pieces at much lower postal rates than separate mailings.
  • Polywrap allows us to create custom sized pieces.
  • In many cases, polywrap offers a faster, cheaper, more versatile alternative to envelope mailing.
We generally recommend polywrap when you have high impact graphics, such as color catalogs, periodicals and annual reports, but also wish to insert a flyer or return piece in your mailing. Polywrap technology provides an efficient, cost-effective, durable protective package for your mailing projects.

SmartDataTM - Improving Your Results
"Improving your printed materials can double your message's response. Identifying the right audience can increase your message's response ten-fold."
-Kevin Timken          
Response Technologies          
The Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time

Getting the right message to the right person at the right time is the key to direct marketing success. Our SmartDataTM process mines and refines data from client, public and private sources to deliver highly targeted prospects for your marketing campaign.

The SmartDataTM process begins with an analysis of the client database. One of our clients recently commented, "You should see the manufacturers database. They have a lot of information on customers who have purchased their equipment. It's good stuff!" Your customer database is gold. Whether you are interested in securing sales, contributions or votes, your existing customer database contains valuable customer demographic and psychographic information. Uncovering the patterns in your customer data, enables us to find more prospects exactly like your existing customers in categories such as these.

Business to Business Business to Consumer
SIC codes
Yellow page headings
Number of employees
Sales Volume
Job Titles
Marital Status
Income level
Homeowner info
Vehicle data
Voter registration

Our ability to deliver highly targeted prospect data boosts your campaign's effectiveness. We tailor your message and offer to appeal to your target audience, avoiding the expense of sending information to the wrong people and helping you achieve results through smarter direct marketing.

Achieving Results Through Smarter Direct Marketing

Use Intelligent Inserting to Provide Custom, Personal Mailings

We can turn your mailings into a source of revenue and customer communication using our Intelligent Inserting capability. Intelligent Inserting allows us to place various combinations of personalized advertisements or messages in high volume mail applications, such as statement processing. One of our clients, a property owner and project management company, turned their monthly statements into a powerful new source of revenue and services for their customers. Here's how we helped them do it.

The Challenge

Each month we distribute more than 36,000 statements to residents of 230 communities. Our client wished to place customized inserts for items such as community newsletters and local advertising flyers into each recipient's statement.

Our Solution

Response Technologies processes the statements each month using our Buhrs BB300 Intelligent Inserter. Our machine reads the barcoded instructions we place on each statement to select the appropriate inserts for the particular resident. The BB300 enables the complex monthly run to be completed in a matter of hours.

The Results

Complex monthly statement runs are executed flawlessly, month after month. The speed of the Response Tech process allows us to accommodate last-minute, time-sensitive advertisements.

Our Intelligent Inserting process allows us to:

  • Make your mailings a source of revenue by piggybacking advertising inserts.
  • Place inserts in statements based upon your selection criteria.
  • Customize matches such as personalized letters, certificates and envelopes quickly and accurately.
  • Handle a broad range of envelope sizes, from 4x6 to 10x13, resulting in new possibilities for your mailings.
  • Read multiple barcode formats and OMR marks.
  • Finish your job in half the time required by other inserting machines.

Intelligent Inserting is an especially good solution for items such as multi-page statements where unique inserts are desired at the individual recipient level.


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