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Our Service Process
Crafting the right message and offer, communicating it with high-impact graphics and motivating copy, identifying and selecting the target audience, conforming to constantly changing postal rules and regulations, and delivering the message on-time and within budget is a complex undertaking. We work with you to provide a turnkey, one-stop solution, carefully managed each step of the way. We provide everything it takes for you to achieve your desired results.

We Design Your Campaign to Meet Your Objectives and Budget
Understanding your objectives can significantly impact the success of the overall campaign and can influence the type of piece, message, offer, target demographics, and mail specifications. We work with you to design a direct marketing campaign to meet your objectives and budget. The print piece you select impacts postage costs. The target database impacts print and postage costs. We work with you in this phase to select the right type of piece, market strategy and campaign approach. Early involvement enables us to apply our knowledge to help make your campaign successful. (More...)

Graphic Design and Message
Do you know that your piece has less than 5 seconds to create interest? A commercial printer can't use most desktop publishing software. Do you know there are more than 500 PantoneĀ® colors and that a good piece can generate 10% more prospects? We work with your designers or our own to make sure your piece produces results. (More...)

Data Management
Do you know that a highly targeted mailing list can result in a 10-fold increase in response? Our SmartDataTM process helps get your message to the right people. (More...)

Do you know there are more than 500 shades of white paper, or that selecting the right paper, piece size and correct printing equipment can reduce print costs by up to 50%? (More...)

USPS Regulations and Postal Processing
Do you know there are more than 1000 pages of postal regulations and that postage rates on the same letter can vary by up to 20 cents per piece? (More...)

Mail Production
Do you know that personalized inserting can be done on almost any job? Do you know that polywrap can protect your piece while making your expensive, high impact message instantly visible? Our high-tech production equipment gets your job done when you need it. (More...)

Project Management
From initial quote through production and billing, We carefully manage every aspect of your job using our automated production management system. We clearly specify job details and manage the process to ensure a successful outcome.


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