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Campaign Design: Achieving Your Objectives While Meeting Your Budget
You want to maximize the results you achieve for the marketing dollars you spend. We know how to do it and it begins with a campaign designed to meet your objectives and budget. Effective campaign design requires knowledge and understanding of each of the components of successful direct marketing campaigns including, design, print, data management, postal processing, and mail production. These components are interrelated, not stand alone. For example, postal regulations affect the design of the printed piece.

The major costs of a direct mail campaign are print, postage, and data. Let's see how these might vary in two different client campaigns, with different objectives.

Private Airplane Hangars. Our client sold and built airplane hangars for small county airports. His target customers were private plane owners, a highly selective target. His target database, information package, and postage were expensive on a per piece basis. However his absolute costs were low as he mailed only to several hundred prospects in each geographical area and required a small number of sales to be successful.

Mortgage Loans. Our client, a mortgage company, wished to do a broad-based campaign to sell mortgage refinancing and home equity loans. They wanted to do mailings each week over the course of a year. We worked with them to design a flexible piece that had company branding look and feel with room for customized information to be added at the time of mailing. The blanks were printed in volume to reduce print costs. We added customized offers and messages at mailing time. We matched demographics to particular zip code areas and used pre-sorted mailing to keep postage costs low.

Both of these campaigns were very successful in meeting the client objectives. One was a high unit cost mailing to a highly targeted prospect list and the other a lower unit cost, full saturation mailing into selected zip codes. We work with you to design a campaign that achieves your unique objectives, while meeting your budget.

Printing costs are primarily driven by volume. The greater the number of pieces, the lower the cost per piece. The type of printing equipment, sheet or web, can also impact costs. We work with you to select the best type of piece to achieve your objectives. If you are planning a long-term campaign, we'll often design a flexible piece with standard items such as branding info, while leaving space to tailor each individual mailing. This approach can reduce print costs up to 50% by printing a large volume at one time and then customizing the message for each individual mailing.

Mail costs for a particular piece depend upon how easily the post office can process and deliver it. Mail that is sorted and goes to each mailbox in a particular route costs less than mailing to individual addresses in multiple zip codes.

Data acquisition costs are driven by how targeted the desired prospect data is. A highly targeted database costs more than a simple address list.

Should you mail to a large number of prospects with a blanket mailing or focus on a highly selective prospect list? It depends upon your objectives. We work with you to design a campaign that achieves the most results for your marketing dollar.


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